Online Gambling Bulgaria

All the payment methods offered by the Bulgarian online casino are safe and secure, and some casinos only accept certain payment methods for deposits. While banking via phone is often the most convenient option, some casinos only accept payments through certain methods.


Mobile payments are relatively new in Bulgaria. Initially, operators only offered money transfer and household bill payment through SMS, but their range of mobile payment options has expanded in recent years. Mobile operators actively promote SMS payments by offering cashback, discounts in stores, and partner raffles. This convenience has also been embraced by online casinos, with some including carriers in permanent ways to top up your bill. While SMS payments have their benefits, there are also a few drawbacks.

The first disadvantage of using SMS as a payment method in online casinos is that you can’t purchase SMS chips in physical establishments in Sofia and Varna. You can, however, purchase chips in casinos in Sofia and Cherno More via bank card. The price of a SIM card varies from operator to operator, but it’s generally a symbol representing the amount of data, SMS, or internet you can access. In addition, you can’t withdraw money from your phone account using SMS, and operators do not offer this option.


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